The Empathy  Center
1964 Las Canoas Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Future Home for the Empathy Based Educational Retreat Center

Cultivating a Culture of Understanding
The Visionary Work of Edwin Rutsch

The Montecito Journal - Sept 6, 2023
By Ann Brode
"As I sat with Edwin in the chapel of the old St. Mary’s Seminary on Las Canoas Road, he shared his plans to establish a retreat center on this extraordinary property. Called The Empathy Center of Santa Barbara, this facility will offer workshops and events focused on promoting empathy as a core value. "

A couple of weeks ago, the St. Mary’s seminary up on Las Canoas Road was auctioned off. Can you find out who bought it and what his or her plans are? —N. 

Our workshop on facing fear with empathy and mindfulness.